Genrise Global Staffing

Supercharging Leads with Paid Ads for a Premier Study Abroad & Work Abroad Business
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Premier Study Abroad & Work Abroad Business


Genrise is a well-known study abroad & work abroad business based out of New- Delhi.


Leveraging the power of precise audience targeting and compelling ad creatives, we positioned Genrise in front of the right audience.

the challenges.

The client faced challenges in attracting quality leads within a competitive market while maintaining cost efficiency. Also, the company had a hard time getting noticed online. They had to stand out from other similar businesses and find ways to get people interested without spending too much money.


We developed a targeted paid advertising strategy combined with organic reach optimization to maximize results. Furthermore, We implemented a series of organic reach amplification strategies aimed at boosting the client’s visibility across digital channels. This included optimizing the client’s website and content for search engines, as well as leveraging social media platforms to foster engagement and expand the brand’s reach organically.


  • 6000 Quality Leads Generated: Through strategic campaign management and audience targeting.
  • Achieved an impressive CPL of Rs 23.54: Resulting in cost-effective lead acquisition.
  • 300% Increase in Organic Reach: Leveraging SEO and content optimization techniques.