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A powerful Blogging process for your website is the single greatest sales tool your business can employ


Once you discover how quickly Google will reward a well-written regular blogging, you’ll never look back. We use the inbound methodology and combine it with our SEO expertise.

Common obstacles to Content Marketing

‘I don’t have the time to work on content

‘We don’t have the necessary writing experience in-house’

‘We just don’t really understand content marketing’

‘We aren’t sure what to write’

Issues some people face

Lack of time

The most common complaint about content marketing is the time it takes. It’s true that writing a regular blog does require a commitment, not only in the time needed to write the posts but also in the effort of coming up with new and interesting things to talk about.

For a great connection with your audience, you need to publish quality content often and of a decent length.

Lack of writing experience

This is often cited as a barrier to content marketing and puts many businesses off starting one. You know best how your business operates, about its culture, the products, the brand, what drives the business – that deep, inside knowledge, but you aren’t a writer, and so getting that across in words can be difficult.

Our coaches will have your confidence up and a stream of great ideas flowing so that blogging becomes second nature very quickly.

Unsure what to write

Coming up with ideas for original content for blogs can be tricky – especially as often the most successful blog posts not only include content about a particular topic but also cover it from an interesting and appealing angle.

Don’t worry – our team of coaches will have the ideas for blogs flowing in no time.

Benefits of a Regular Content Marketing

To maximise success with your blog, you’ll need to publish frequent posts, as this Oberlo infographic demonstrates:

Using a video to further boost Blogging engagement

Over 80% of the content consumed on the internet in 2022 is video. This doesn’t mean you need a fancy studio – simply set up a decent facility and make sure your sound is good and get filming. Simple pieces to the camera will work really well as part of your blogging process.

Our coaches will help you build the right team – whether recruiting or in-house team development

We don’t recommend outsourcing although we can help find writers to plug immediate needs to make sure Blogging begins quickly.