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Get successful Search Engine Optimization with an SEO company that understands what Google wants


Now you can finally beat the competition to that No.1 spot with our agency that will build your complete digital footprint.

Problems with bad SEO?

Some of the things that businesses who didn’t have a good SEO company say to us:

‘We did some SEO, it didn’t work, we didn’t sell more’

‘Our competition always outranks us’

‘We were on Google’s results page one for a while then we disappeared’

‘We just don’t really understand SEO’

Our technical expertise + growing your in-house SEO skills = massive ranking success on Google

Key benefits of great SEO:

Large increase in sales

Your business visible on page 1 of Google search results for your target audience


Be seen as highly trustworthy company by your audience with a seamless professional footprint across the internet

reduction in costs

Massive reduction in costs


SEO success is easy to see and so satisfying

SEO at Wilyfox Media Co.

Take a fascinating look at how Google sees you

Understanding your current situation is, of course, vital. Our basic audit will paint the picture for you and our full audit will provide every single detail. They are truly fascinating to see and if you’d like to see either then simply ask – the basic one is free whereas a full audit will take us a day’s work so we charge for that service.

Start to link everything up

Building a seamless and complete digital footprint doesn’t just make Google happy. By having us create your central dashboard, you’ll experience the joy of easy to see data, all in one place. Make no mistake, the foundation for the magical results later are all built right here!

Build your SEO skills along the way

We’ll include an hour or two of coaching each month so that you gain a vital understanding of how SEO works. SEO is a collaborative process and with your ideas added to our skills the results will come more quickly.

Ongoing tactics to outwit the competition

SEO is an ongoing process. Your successful competitors are working night and day to push you down the rankings so you must work harder and smarter to appear at the top of the results. Watching what rivals are doing is great fun and really does bring the whole thing to life. We’ll be out in the market hunting down opportunities for you.

The main types of SEO you will use to boost revenue:

On-page SEO

This area is concerned with anything that happens on your web pages. No surprise that it is also called ‘on-site SEO’.

Activity here will include anything that helps Google serve your page to the right people.

From Keywords – location and frequency, Title tag optimisation, Search intent, Bounce rate, User Experience, Click through rate, Outbound links, Optimising URLS, Meta descriptions, Outbound links and Original imagery.

This list could almost be endless and given that Google updates its process every few days, it could also see new items with the same frequency. Our team are on top of every change and update – it is the only way we can keep our Google Partner Status.


Note: Your content, once it has pleased Google, MUST go on to make actual humans happy. The most powerful inbound content framework is called ‘ They Ask, You Answer’ and you can find more here.

Off-page SEO

This area is concerned with what other people (sites) think about your website. People tend to cite, reference and share content they like or find valuable. Even more powerful is when an authoritative website links to you: getting a back link from the BBC website is very helpful!

Clearly then the focus here is on backlinks to your site. Beyond this work will also focus on creating shareable content on Social Media Platforms, reaching out to guest bloggers and moving out into PR to get news coverage for your business.

Your website will also be ranked by Google (and other search engines) based on a series of technical factors.

Page Load Speed
The focus on your site’s Core Web Vitals as Google calls them is now ferocious. This means above all that your page must load quickly. Google does not want to serve people slow sites and annoy them. This clearly keeps Google tech people awake at night to the extent that they will punish slow sites, no matter how relevant they are.

Check your Site’s speed here

Local SEO

For a dentist in Delhi, there’s no value in being found by people with a sore tooth in Chennai, so localising your SEO is vital. It may be that your local area is the whole of the India – that’s still going to save an awful lot of wasted resource advertising to the world.

The Local Pack is a term used to describe a business’s Google My Business information. That is the information on the right hand panel below.

Google My Business offers internet users the chance to get in touch directly without visiting your website but remember the work to make it as prominent as possible is similar to other SEO work. Google will want to see a complete digital footprint, a website that people like to visit and a business listing that is linked to all the business accounts as well as reflecting any website information with 100% accuracy.

Problems with SEO agencies

What can go wrong?

Anyone wishing to work with us can (and should) speak to a current client or two to find out how we work. We enjoy success with them all so we’re certain our people are awesome and our tools and processes are the best around. That said, we’d like to keep a good record and to do so we should always point out what can go wrong with a client / agency relationship.

The Search Engine Optimisation programme is stopped too soon

The early days of an SEO programme are hard days. Work goes on, invoices appear and you’re not on page 1 for your desired terms. Hell, you might not even be on page 100. We’ll always make the process clear and there’s no better team but we can’t do magic. Google likes to take its time to really check you out, to be certain it wants you – so patience is the only answer.

The client doesn’t attend meetings/ do the work

We’ve known it takes many weeks simply for a client to find all the required passwords and log in credentials. But they did the work and all was well. There will be meetings to attend and thinking to be done.

Client didn’t build their own SEO knowledge

We build in some coaching time for our clients into the programme. We do this because we want our clients to truly ‘own’ the SEO process: to be our toughest taskmaster, to grow as a team and to really understand what we are doing. If you’re not willing to do this work then success is unlikely.

How much does SEO cost?

You invest in speed

A recent client wanted success quickly. We’d provided a full audit which got them excited – they could see the opportunity – the market available and they could also see extremely active competitors. We’d presented a programme that would cost ₹90,000 per month and explained that from there they could speed up ( pay more) or slow down (pay less). They asked us to do the first three months work in 4 weeks.

I want to know my precise monthly cost

To give you this number you will first need to carry out a full audit. This gives you your start situation, lays out the opportunity available and tells us the time needed to achieve the success you seek. To get this process underway please use the link below to schedule a meeting with Liyana, our friendly SEO success person.