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Get the best Website Design service for your business or organisation


‘Is the Wilyfox Media the right company to provide a Website Design service for my business or organisation?’

Website design projects can cause issues and concerns such as:

‘Our last website was obsolete after six months’

‘We tried to do SEO work but our website failed every speed test’

‘Does it always take so long to build a website?’

‘I don’t think we really know what we want our website to say’

Are we the right partner?

This page is designed to help you answer this vital question as you browse the internet looking for a website design service. We want you to know if you are or are not a good fit for us.

This page is written by me, Jayaprakash Das the CEO at Wilyfox Media Co. and if you want to ask me anything about it, just drop me a message.

Jayaprakash Das

Wilyfox Media Co.

We take the stress out of the process and deliver a great result – a website that transforms your business.


Sustainable, long term increase of sales or new business


Prospects arrive warmer and fully trusting you


Marketing and sales work together beautifully


Email lists grow more quickly


Sales lead times shorten


Morale boost for the whole team


Your brand grows and resonates with your audience


Business process is outsourced to clients – self serve


Unleash the power of Hubspot or other tools

What kind of organisation is best suited to our website design service?

The graphic below should give you a good idea of where we fit in the general scheme of website design services. We are not a low-cost self-service platform such as GoDaddy or other website builders. At the other end of the scale we are not able to build mega-sites for global corporations. Well not yet anyway!

Website examples: No cookie cutters here!

Our websites are as individual as you, we design bespoke websites that form a seamless component to the entire brand experience.

Cost: what does website design service cost with us?

A website we build is likely to require an investment of between ₹40,000- ₹2,00,000

What factors influence website design and build cost?
How many pages/volume of content ?

Commissioning of content writer(s)

Additional SEO/ Digital Marketing Structuring

What Imagery is needed ?

Commissioning of Illustrator
Purchase of Royalty Free imagery
Purchase of Licensed imagery

What functions are needed?

Beyond words, pictures and graphics other elements can add to cost:
Pricing calculators
Bespoke search structures
Document uploading
Complex interactive graphics

What Integrations are needed?

Functionality that links with your current systems:
Booking system
Stock control

What do you get from us, whatever the cost?

In-depth planning

You don’t build websites everyday but we do and more importantly we see the commercial consequences of decisions made in the planning and build process. So our advice will always be based on our experience and designed to get you the maximum possible impact for your website.

Design excellence

Design is a subjective area but our websites are always met with great approval by our clients and visitors alike. Unlike many agencies our size, we are not a team of technical people using templates; we design your site from scratch to suit your needs.

Google success built in

Whether or not your website will be part of a digital marketing campaign we always build sites that are fast to load and correctly structured for Google. This is important even for those not considering digital marketing because it means your site will be easy and intuitive for visitors.

A very important note about digital marketing following a website design service.

You must be very careful when you build a website that will be part of a digital marketing program using PPC, organic SEO etc. because it is vital that the website is built correctly to be effective for these marketing methods later. When you choose a website design service you should choose an agency that also has the skilled in-house to market that website the skills to take it to the top of page one on Google. Such an agency will make sure the website is ready to go when marketing begins. Ideally always choose a Digital Marketing Agency such as ours to build your site whether or not they will be doing the marketing. That way you can be certain that your website design service will deliver a website that functions perfectly for that purpose.

If you would like a specific price for your project whether as a monthly instalment plan or one-off fee then simply get in touch and we will draw up your website scope and price.