Wilyfox Media Co. Social Media Marketing: Refreshes the audiences other agencies cannot reach

Ok, we’re not a brewery, but our dynamic full-service agency will help you increase sales. At Wilyfox Media we’ll take care of your social media marketing, delivering it as part of a complete digital footprint that will raise your profile and maximise your exposure to the 4.2 billion social media users.

Social Media Marketing problems we hear about

‘I don’t understand social media’

‘Social media has never worked for us’

‘It takes too much time to create content for all of all the channels’

‘The rules around marketing on Facebook are really complicated’

Social media marketing problems are generally caused by:

A lack of time available for creating a well-planned strategy

The target audience/buyer persona not being defined correctly

A limited technical knowledge of how to implement and run campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns not aligned properly for full optimisation

Confusion over the terms and conditions set by each social media platform

Results not being monitored effectively

We understand how frustrating this can be, but with our help, the solution is simple:

Our experience + insight + technical expertise + dedicated time for your project = Social Media Marketing success

Hootsuite reveals that on average people spend around 2.5 hours a day on social media. We can help make sure some of that time is spent connecting with you!

Source: Hootsuite 

Concerned social media may only be relevant for a young customer demographic, think again:

Oberlo breaks this down further:

Source: Oberlo

The power of Social Media Marketing

Online Marketing and particularly Social Media Marketing offers your business endless possibilities to sell your products and services and promote your brand.

Social Media Marketing is underestimated by many businesses, but as the world becomes an increasingly digital space, particularly in terms of communication and commerce, it’s essential you take advantage of all that online marketing has to offer.

Reach a massive audience

Currently 4.2 billion social media users worldwide and the number is increasing all the time.

Target demographics

Specifically target people that fit your customer profile, e.g. women aged 40-49 who like working out regularly and have a dog

Connect more directly with your audience

Enabling you to have direct and in-the-moment communication with customers and potential customers.

Build brand awareness

Through the increase in exposure across relevant social media channels and as a result of powerful and influential peer-to-peer sharing.

Stay current

Remain in the virtual loop by staying up to date with (or even leading) the latest trends and getting involved in topical discussions and themes.

Increase sales and reach

Increase sales – the potential to massively boost sales as a result of the increase in reach.

Drive traffic to your website

Raising awareness and giving you further opportunity to inform and educate customers about your company, its ethos and your products or services.

The Wilyfox Media Co. is here to deliver success and to make the process enjoyable