Discover the power of Remarketing with a Google Experts that understands how to implement a successful strategy

More than 90% of internet users don’t buy on their first visit. As Google experts, our complete digital footprint service will bring customers back to your site with greater intent to buy.

Our experience of working with Google and running successful, fully-optimised Digital Marketing campaigns, means we know exactly how to integrate effective Remarketing strategies into your Digital Marketing campaign.

Maximising your profit and getting you a great ROI is always our priority.

Problems with your Remarketing?

If Remarketing isn’t done right and is not aligned with the rest of your Digital Marketing strategy it may fall flat on its face. These are just examples of some of the things we’ve heard when new customers have sought help from us after experiencing problems:

‘Our conversion rates were awful’

‘Remarketing with Google is intrusive, people hate it’

‘I don’t think our Remarketing Ad was written right, nobody clicked’

‘We just don’t really understand Remarketing’

No one likes to see money go down the drain, but this can unfortunately be the outcome if Remarketing is not applied as part of a fully-optimised, cohesive digital marketing strategy.

At Wilyfox Media Co. we work with a holistic approach, making sure that there is synergy in each campaign we put together.

Because we understand what Google wants, we can get the best results from our Retargeting activities.

Get amazing Remarketing results with Wilyfox Media Co.

We’ll create a bespoke Remarketing Strategy for your business, that will:

Reconnect you with customers

Make sure you maximise sales to the 90% of users who didn’t buy first time

Convert more of the 75% of users who abandon their carts

Build brand familiarity and trust with existing and potential customers

Increase the likelihood that a customer will take a positive action

Promote the possibility a customer will mention you to others

Our Remarketing Campaigns use Retargeting Ads to target audiences who have visited your website or social media channels before.

We’ll do this using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) on search engines, and through the Google Display Network and Facebook.

The types of Remarketing we offer to our clients:

Remarketing on Google

The Google Display network offers you a powerful list of platforms to utilise. It’s impossible to use the internet without being exposed a a few of these:




Display Network

Remarketing Search Listings Ads

Retargeting on Facebook

By creating a list of people who have engaged with your business website you can then make sure that as they browse their friend’s updates they see your ad. Ideally they’ll be in a nice relaxed state of mind and receptive to your message.

What’s our Process?

Extract and analyse your data

The first task we carry out is to assess what digital footprint your business currently has, if any. This digital audit tells us what work needs to be done to ensure your business has a complete digital footprint. In other words, that your digital marketing activities are fully aligned and working properly.

If you have no digital history, we’ll begin the process for you from scratch, and if you do, we’ll analyse any data you currently have and use it as a starting point to determine what needs to be done.

Implement a cohesive strategy

An overarching digital marketing strategy is essential for ensuring that your campaigns are effective and timed for the greatest impact. We’ll create this for you, drawing from the information we gather from you in the initial planning stage.

Plan and schedule campaigns

We research your business to understand your customers and competitors and then use these insights to plan your campaigns. Having a carefully-planned schedule for your retargeting ads is critically important for success, and this will take into account various factors, including seasonality.

Monitor the activity

Using sophisticated digital tools, we’ll carefully monitor the impact of your Remarketing campaigns to ensure they are working at the optimum level.

Evaluate the results

By analysing the results of the monitoring, we’re able to determine the overall success of your campaigns and will communicate this back to you on a regular basis.

Use the findings to inform the next campaign cycle

All the analytical data we mine during your campaign will be used in the planning of future campaigns, further increasing the effectiveness of your targeted ads.