From B2B to B2C: Zero Degree Cooling's Journey to Local Market Domination


SIn the fast-paced world of air conditioning services and rentals, Zero Degree Cooling, a leading company in the B2B segment, recognized the potential of capturing the B2C market. Seeking to enhance their brand visibility and generate leads in the local market, they turned to Wilyfox Media Co., a digital marketing agency specializing in driving results. This case study delves into the strategies implemented by Wilyfox Media Co. and the remarkable success achieved for Zero Degree Cooling.

Client Background

Zero Degree Cooling has been a trusted name in the air conditioning industry, providing top-notch services and rentals to businesses for several years. With a strong presence in the B2B sector, they were keen to expand their reach and tap into the B2C market. Recognizing the untapped potential in their local area, Zero Degree Cooling sought professional guidance to strengthen their brand visibility and generate leads.

Understanding the Needs

Wilyfox Media Co. conducted extensive research to gain a comprehensive understanding of Zero Degree Cooling’s goals, target audience, and local market dynamics. It was essential to create a tailored strategy that resonated with potential B2C customers and effectively communicated the company’s services and value proposition.

Key Achievements

Social Media Marketing

Wilyfox Media Co. devised a strategic social media marketing campaign, primarily focusing on Facebook and Instagram. Engaging and visually appealing content was created to capture the attention of the local audience.

Lead Generation

By implementing targeted ads and optimizing the social media campaigns, Wilyfox Media Co. achieved outstanding results in lead generation. Within a short span, the campaign garnered a remarkable number of leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategy.


Overwhelming Response

The social media marketing campaign produced an instant and overwhelming response from the local market. The carefully crafted content resonated with the audience, resulting in a significant increase in brand visibility and customer engagement

AC Rental Demand

Zero Degree Cooling witnessed an unprecedented surge in demand for their AC rental services. Within just 10 days, the overwhelming number of inquiries led to a complete stock shortage, highlighting the impact of the marketing efforts on lead generation and business growth.


Through a well-executed social media marketing campaign, Wilyfox Media Co. successfully helped Zero Degree Cooling transition from the B2B sector to the B2C market. The collaborative effort resulted in increased brand visibility, a significant surge in lead generation, and a clear demonstration of the untapped potential in the local market. Zero Degree Cooling’s decision to partner with Wilyfox Media Co. not only yielded remarkable short-term results but also positioned them as a dominant player in the local air conditioning industry. This case study showcases the power of effective digital marketing strategies in achieving business growth and market expansion.