Driving Growth through Digital Channels: A Case Study with Genrise Global Staffing


In this case study, we will explore how Wilyfox Media Co. collaborated with Genrise Global Staffing, an Abroad Consulting Agency specializing in employing Indian youths outside. When Genrise initially approached us, they lacked proper implementation of digital channels to drive growth. They sought our expertise in promoting their Nursing Placement Program through meta channels such as Facebook and Instagram. This case study highlights the remarkable transformation and success achieved through our strategic digital marketing efforts.

Client Background

Genrise Global Staffing is a prominent Abroad Consulting Agency that focuses on connecting Indian youths with employment opportunities overseas. With a specialization in nursing placements, they facilitate the transition of qualified individuals to international healthcare institutions. However, when they first approached Wilyfox Media Co., they faced challenges in effectively utilizing digital platforms to promote their programs and acquire new clients.

Understanding the Needs

After careful consultation and analysis, we identified Genrise’s primary objective: to promote their Nursing Placement Program through targeted digital campaigns. It was crucial to develop an effective digital marketing strategy that would enhance their brand visibility, engage the target audience, and generate quality leads. Additionally, we recognized the potential to expand their digital marketing efforts to encompass all other programs, positioning digital channels as the primary client acquisition platform.

Key Achievements

Strategic Campaign Execution

  • We developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy focusing on Facebook and Instagram meta campaigns to target prospective nursing professionals.
  • Our team crafted compelling ad copies, designed visually appealing creatives, and optimized audience targeting parameters to maximize campaign reach.

Effective Lead Generation

  • Through our meticulously planned campaigns, we generated a significant number of leads interested in the Nursing Placement Program.
  • Our approach leveraged persuasive messaging and engaging visuals to attract qualified candidates and encourage them to take action.

Expanding Digital Footprint

  • Building upon the success of the initial campaign, we collaborated with Genrise to implement digital marketing strategies for their other programs.
  • We diversified their online presence by incorporating Google Ads, capitalizing on specific requirements and achieving positive outcomes

Impressive Campaign Performance

  • The initial Facebook and Instagram meta campaign resulted in a 200% increase in lead generation compared to Genrise’s previous efforts.
  • We exceeded the target conversion rate by 35%, effectively driving engagement and interest in the Nursing Placement Program.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

  • Our strategic implementation of digital marketing channels significantly improved Genrise’s brand awareness within the target audience.
  • The campaigns generated substantial organic reach, fostering a positive brand image and positioning Genrise as a trusted name in abroad consulting.

Sustainable Growth

  • The success of our collaboration extended beyond the initial campaign, with digital channels becoming the primary client acquisition platform for Genrise.
  • By expanding their digital footprint and integrating Google Ads, we facilitated continuous growth and fostered a robust online presence.



Through our partnership with Genrise Global Staffing, Wilyfox Media Co. effectively transformed their digital marketing landscape. By developing and executing a strategic campaign for their Nursing Placement Program, we generated remarkable results and achieved significant milestones. Our collaboration extended beyond a single campaign, with digital marketing becoming a cornerstone of Genrise’s client acquisition efforts. This case study demonstrates the power of digital channels in driving growth, enhancing brand visibility, and achieving sustainable success in the abroad consulting industry.