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The Wilyfox Media Co. has a strong expertise with professional experts having 20+ years experience in logo design services.

How can a logo design help my business?

Building trust is an essential part of building a successful brand and the right design can go a long way to help achieve this. With a great logo you can reach people quickly and easily by making an immediate visual impact. Connecting with your customers in a way that becomes familiar and recognisable, safe, reassuring, reliable – whatever it is you want to be.

A large percentage of purchases are made based on emotional responses, therefore an appealing logo image which captures interest and evokes the right feeling is indirectly a powerful revenue generating tool. If you’re unconvinced of this, think of Nike’s Swoosh.

What is the logo design process with Wilyfox Media Co.?

We will work with you to create a stunning logo design to suit your business. The process is a collaborative one, which begins with a solid understanding of the brand in question and ends with you choosing your favourite concept and design.

Our collaborative process puts you in control

Using powerful planning methods to gain a good understanding of your business brand, we’ll define your brand’s key values, messaging and promise and from this create a Brand Business Plan. If you’ve already started in this process we will work with you to take it forward to the next stage.

The Logo Design process at Wilyfox Media

Evaluating and understanding the brand and target audience

During this planning stage, known as the Client Discovery phase, we’ll work with you to examine your brand and decide on the right kind of design to create.
Outcome: Codified brand document, signed off by client.

Researching the industry and your competitors

Using any information you provide us during the initial evaluation stage, combined with our own research, we’ll compile a competitor profile, clearly identifying your main competitors or type of competitors and competitive threats.

Defining and agreeing the creative brief

At this stage we will create a brief and agree a brief with you. This makes sure the final work reflects the need, market position etc. We would also be sure to consider final logo applications such as:
    1. Website
    2. Email Signatures
    3. Social Media Profiles & Banners
    4. Other Signs and Banners
    5. Company Documents, e.g invoices, letterheads and business cards
    6. Product packaging
    7. Adverts
    7. Merchandise

Review stage: discuss drafts, choose favourite and refine design

For our clients this is the really enjoyable part. Seeing your brand brought to life in a whole new way is extremely exciting as a glimpse of the future identity begins to emerge. We encourage you to take your time and we’ll want to interrogate your thoughts to make sure we have understood you fully. We recommend you set aside 30 minutes with all the stakeholders in your business for this discussion. This is where the design team can get a sense of your priorities and ask any questions that have arisen from their reviewing of the briefing document created at stage 3. Outcome: Final concept signed off by client.

Prepare and deliver the final logo files

You’ll be given a full suite of logo assets, stored on a permanent dropbox link. Your powerful new brand identity is now ready for you to apply to your business. Outcome: Logo assets given to client. Design project completed.