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Unleash the power of an optimised Display Advertising Campaign for your business and watch your brand recognition and sales soar

There’s little that can match the effectiveness of a constantly evolving Display Campaign – our expertise combined with the latest machine learning technology will optimise towards desired goals such as viewability, website visits or sales.

Problems with your Display Advertising?

‘I think most of our ads appeared at the bottom of the page’

‘It’s like an ad in a paper – everyone ignores them’

‘Everyone uses ad blockers these days so there’s no point’

‘We just don’t really understand display so we never used it’

With careful pre-planning before the task is awarded to an agency many of these issues will be avoided.

Our approach is to help create a solid scope for a project before either we or the client commit to the task. This allows both sides to become fully comfortable with all aspects before any commitments are made.

Problems with Display Advertising usually occur because:


Limited understanding of the display advertising process can lead to misconceptions


Poor scheduling of your ads can mean they aren’t reaching the right people at the right time, so are not as effective and impactful as they could be


Results are not being monitored effectively



A lack of technical expertise means your digital campaigns are not optimised properly and are not providing Google with what it wants – resulting in your ads appearing very low down in search results


Ads are not created to the right spec for the platform



Ads are placed ad-hoc and not as part of a carefully planned strategy

We can help. As an experienced Google and Facebook expert, Wilyfox Media Co. understands how to display your ads prominently and at the best time.

Our experience + insight + technical expertise + dedicated time for your project = Display Advertising success

Benefits of good Display Advertising

Almost 13% of all online advertising is now display, because it offers huge benefits for your business.

The Display Advertising process at Wilyfox Media

Gather insights

First we hunt and gather all the available insights, as understanding your current situation is vital. We’ll discover all the key information about your customers to ensure your advertising campaign is well-informed.
Step 01

Make sure your digital footprint is 100% complete

Having us build a seamless and complete digital footprint doesn’t just make Google happy, it also means you’ll experience the joy of having a central dashboard with easy to see data, all in one place. Even tiny details such as opening times and contact details need to be aligned across every platform – it’s our job to make sure every little piece is correct.
Step 02

Create your strategy

We will create a detailed strategy for your display marketing needs, from which we will build all of your display ad campaigns.
Step 03

Plan your display advertising campaigns

Your campaigns will be planned according to the insights we gather in the initial part of the process. More data then becomes available once campaigns are underway. We will examine this additional data in detail with powerful performance monitoring tools and use the additional knowledge to further refine and optimise future campaigns.
Step 04

Get ad creative for your brand

Being creative is the key to engaging people and making them want to know more about your brand. We’ll create striking ads that will capture attention and get your message across out there. The Wilyfox Media focuses on the quality and relevance of ads, not just on how much an advertiser can spend on them. Our campaigns always have great ads and we’ll pick the best format or combination for your brand. This may be a simple but attractive visual, an animated ad or a video. Whichever we use, we’ll always make sure it amplifies your brand and engages viewers.
Step 05

The main types of Display Advertising you will want

There are several types of Display Ads and we’ll guide you as to which will work best for your campaign


The two main platforms for display advertising are Google – with its Google Display Network (GDN) – which includes YouTube, and Facebook as part of Facebook for Business.

Generally speaking, Google ads are best for product sales and Facebook ads are most effective for developing your brand and a social following. However, rather than being directly opposed to one another, many businesses find their campaigns are most successful when ads are run on both platforms in conjunction with one another.

Responsive Display Ads

Containing headlines, images, descriptions, logos and videos, Google automatically adjusts these ads in size, appearance, and format to fit the ad space. Using machine learning Google is able to determine which combination of assets is optimum by assessing predictions from your performance history. By drawing on data Google shows ads that are useful to customers.

Banner Ads

One of the many types of Display Ads, they are the specific size of 468 x 60 pixels

Text Ads

These appear on Google results pages and sometimes across the Google Network. You’re allowed up to three headlines with a max of 30 characters for each and up to two descriptions, each with up to 90 characters. They are often labelled as adverts and so identifiable as paid promotions.

Image Ads

A still image is accompanied by up to 90 characters of text.

Video Ads

These allow you to convey much more information than Still Image Ads. Being more attention grabbing they have a higher engagement level. They also enable you to establish yourself as an expert or thought leader. Video Ads can be between 12 seconds and 6 minutes long.

Animated Ads

An animated ad is like a GIF. They can be really good fun but can only last 30-seconds, after which it can stop or loop back. They provide information about a product and usually introduce both a problem and a solution.

Native Ads

Also known as Sponsored Ads, users know these are ads but they are designed in a way to fit smoothly inside the path search and so are less frustratingly disruptive and provide a good browsing experience. Specifically, they match the look and feel of the media platform they sit within.

Gmail Ads

Google has changed these and existing Gmail Ads now have a ‘read only’ status. Advertisers can no longer make changes and instead will have to run a Discovery Campaign using Discovery Ads.

Discovery Ads

Instead of being driven by keywords, advertisers can choose which audiences they want to target with their ads. Discovery Ads are also different in that they reach their intended audiences just before they start their search.

Tips on how to get the most out of any Digital Display agency

Allow enough time for Display Advertising campaigns to be effective

It’s important to be realistic about how quickly your campaigns will be successful. This is particularly true in terms of establishing brand awareness. It takes time for ads to reach the audience you need, and as often as is required, to get the results you want. Setting expectations is a natural part of the planning stage and by offering a transparent process that keeps you informed, you’ll be confident of the progress every step of the way.

Be sure to attend meetings/do the work

We’ve known it take many weeks simply for a client to find all the required passwords and log in credentials. By attending meetings and doing your part in gathering information you will help to speed up your project.

Build your knowledge of the Display Advertising process

Increasing your knowledge about digital marketing will be helpful for your project. We build some coaching time into the programme because we want our clients to understand how their display advertising works.