With the rapid rise in messenger apps like Whatsapp and  Facebook messenger, ChatBot marketing is key to successful business growth in 2021. Prospects and customers alike want one-to-one, real-time conversations.

Luckily, ChatBots can give you a scalable platform to increase lead volume and quality.


Chatbots are designed to complement your website and social media presence, having scripted conversations with potential leads to help solve common problems and build strong relationships.

They also help businesses to generate and nurture more relevant leads, collect better data and improve their sales potential.

Wilyfox Media can help to introduce ChatBots into your overall inbound marketing strategy. We can find the software best suited to your needs, streamline your sales pipeline and script your brand voice.

So why use ChatBots?

The statistics speak for themselves, take a look below to see why so many brands are embracing the bots...

Consumers want answers now

Consumers want answers, now!

48% of consumers would rather connect via live chat than any other means of contact, due to a demand for rapid response rates.

Corporations are getting involved

Corporations are getting involved

$4.5 Billion is expected to be invested in enterprise intelligent assistants by 2021. This will drive ChatBots into the mainstream.

The banks see their value

The banks see their value

Bots can assist in various roles from compliance and customer service. By 2022, banks may automate up to 90% of their interactions with ChatBots.

We just want results

We just want results

40% of consumers don't care where they get their information from. Human or robot, it doesn't matter, so long as they get the help they need.

Consumers prefer chatbots

Consumers prefer ChatBots

47% of consumers would buy items from a ChatBot. This shows that there is enormous potential associated with this technology.

People are the proof

People are the proof

35% of consumers want to see more companies using ChatBots. With this amount of public demand, it would be silly to fight against the trend.



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